About Our Company

About The Expo

Aakar is about Knowledge, Ideas, Evaluations and Implementation in creating world class exhibitions i.e. a market place where we bring together end users, traders & manufactures under one roof to do business and get inspiration. Established since 1998 TEAM AAKAR has successfully organised more than 50 market leading trade exhibitions, served more than exhibitors, worked with more than 20 trade associations and have witnessed more than 1800000 trade visitors in our exhibitions.

We are committed to providing demonstrably superior products and services with the highest level of quality and excellence. plus, we strive to be professional in all our clients dealings and are highly valued and respected by our clients. 

Aakar Exhibition invites you to participate in Vidhyut 2023 as an unique exhibition this excellent opportunity to grow your businesses. 

Why Gujarat

Gujarat has significant economic growth over the past decade. Gujarat leads the country in the per capita consumption of electricity. going forward, gujarat is planning huge investments so as to generate a much larger and stronger economic momentum. the projected industrialization levels coupled with increase in urbanization and income levels would lead to substantially higher demand for power. the energy units required by 2023 would be nearly two and half times the existing generation. Gujarat will need to secure its fuel requirement as most of it is imported. Gujarat also has a large untapped potential for energy generation through renewable sources and it needs to exploit the same.

Why Vadodara

Vadodara accounts for 33% of total electrical manufacturing in India. The ecosystem, in the vicinity of Vadodara, is very profound for the electrical industry, hence many multinational companies like Siemens, ABB, TEBA etc. and mostly all the domestic companies have their major production facility at Vadodara.